Akha / Hani for your general knowledge.

China is home to about 1.5 million Akha/Hani. Communist teaching has abolished most of their spirit worship - no priest, no spirit paraphernalia and no spirit gate. The older people want to go back to spirit worship but the younger people don't like it. Their hearts are empty but they do not know how to fill the void.


Myanmar is home to about 180,000 Akha/Hani. 30,000 of these live in 120 villages in the area near the China/Lao border. Their living conditions are very poor and they are hard to reach - no roads. 

Praise God that a church planting movement is underway among the Akha villages of North Thailand. Out of a total of about 66 Akha villages, 58 have believers! Pray that the remaining 6 villages will also have vibrant worshipers of Jesus.


Pray for God to send workers into the unreached Akha/Hani villages of north Myanmar. Pray for believers willing to work cross-culturally. Pray for Akha believers willing to leave their homes to reach out to their own people in other areas. Pray for God's provision for all their needs.



Pray for the 1.5 million Akha/Hani in China - almost totally unreached.

Pray for the 30,000 Akha/Hani in Northern Laos - almost totally unreached.

Pray for the 180,000 Akha/Hani of Northern Myanmar - almost totally unreached.