Update: April 2022

April 2022

AKHA GOSPEL MEDIA: This year we could give out many Speaker boxes of 100 gospel stories and many Radios in few Akha villages. We have this new three in one radio, (3/1) which works very well. We do hope and pray that this is a good tool for them to be able to hear the word of God and stay close to God when many churches are still closed, due to Covid19.

It is exciting and encouraging to see the graph of viewers of our Akha media and radio listeners has been steadily going up. From  January to March 2022, we had 60,000 viewers, on average 600+ viewers per day and subscribers have steadily increased as well. Please pray for the Pastors who preach and share in this Akha media ministry.


Januay 2019

A blessed time of Children program with CCMC in Doichang. About 50 children were there to receive blessings from our Lord through the teaching of the Word of God. We could see how much the team love the children and how the children were attached to them amazed us.



A new monument was created for all the missionaries who died earlier in Chiangrai.

There was a memorial service at the christian cemetry of Chiang Rai on Easter Sunday 2016

A beneficiary impacted by Akha radio ministry.

An Akha lady from an Akha village, a former non-believer and her husband were both opium addicts. She is one of the Akha radio listeners in Chiangrai, Thailand. The Akha radio team had an opportunity to visit her village, and asked her to share her testimony with us on the radio. In her testimony, she said:
 In the past, I and my husband were both opium addicts, but through the help of missionaries and local evangelists, we went to rehabilitation center. After that we accepted Christ as our Lord and Savior. Im so encouraged to listen to the Akha radio daily, especially a person like me who is illiterate, who cannot read and write. Thanks to those who are making Akha radio program for us. As she concludes her testimony, she said I want to encourage those of you who are illiterate like me to sustain your faith by listening to the Akha radio program.

A new wave among the Akha non-believers.

The past one year or so theres a new wave among Akha non-believers to turn to Christ. The village spirit priests are abandoning their old ways and are turning to Christ.

New: Akha-Radio on the Internet

If you want to hear how the Akha language sounds, you may visit:


Akha Language Radio Work


Akha Radio at 25 Metre band 

Praise God His loving Gospel is broadcasted to all Akha/Hani people every evening.

Programm 1st Programm 2nd Programm
Frequency Frequency - 12095(25 meter band) Frequency - 12120(25 meter Band)
Thailand 17:00-17:30


Myanmar 16:30-17:00 18:45-19:00
Laos 17:00-17:30 19:15-19:30
Vietnam 17:00-17:30 19:15-19:30
China 18:00-18:30 20:15-20:30



What is happening among the Akha in Thailand?

Oct. 12th 2012 Womans-Conference at ACT-Centre (Asholi was teaching)


In the year 2010 Zauva and Awii, the missionaries from Mizoram, India, retired from missionary work amongst the Akha in Thailand. Their daughter and son-in-law Puii and Asholi moved from Maechan into the house where Zauva and Awii lived before, into the town of Chiangrai. They have taken over most of the ministry from Zauva

50year Jubilee

50 years of Akha Christian Churches in Thailand was celebrated

March 7th - 11th 2012

From March 7th to 11th the golden Jubilee of the Akha Christian Church in Thailand was celebrated at Hueisan (Elephant-Valley). About 2000 people took part. A large  tent with a stage, illumination and an immense amplifyer system was errected for the festivities in a Lychee Plantation near the village.

Beneath the village a tent was also errected for supplying food for the hundreds of visitors. Every day a large amount of rice, vegetables and meat was cooked by willing helpers who did a wonderful job.

Down the hill beneath the large tent for the festivities, the Akha had built a Spirit gate and a little hut where they used to put the offerings to the Spirits. With this they wanted to show the younger generation, what their old culture was like und what they have been made free of by believing in Jesus Christ

At the first evening of the Celebrations, all the guests assembled on the large place below the village. Together they marched towards the Festivity-Hall, and after a prayer of thanksgiving, the band was cut and the Jubilee-Festivities started.

During the four days many testimonies, Bible-lectures and sermons were held. The Akha love singing and many choires made their debut. Other times the congrecation sang together their wellknown or new hymns. 24 Bible teachers received their ordination after studying eight weeks a year for three years.

Saturday-afternoon 24 baptisms were held in the creek below the village and afterwards the Lords supper was celebrated back up the hill in the Festivity-Hall.

Pictures of the Jubilee

Bible stories on CD's

40 Bible-stories recording have been completed. Right now Asholi has a project to have these Bible stories edited and put into a CD, to be given to the people to listen in their homes.

Sunday School work

Puiis ministry is to train S.S. teachers. It is a big challenge, to find young people in the villages who are willing to teach the children. However, a few are teaching now and there is a big difference from befoe when it was hard to bring the children into S.S. Now they come running as soon as they see the teacher arriving and are eager to listen to the stories.

Peter Wyss's tombstone

ACT churches have renovated Peter Wyss's tombstone. They covered all sides with tiles, renewed the inscription
and added Peters picture to it. The villagers have contributed the money for this project.

Peters relatives in Switzerland are very pleased that the Akha belivers in Thailand show their love and respect
for their missionary and friend in this way.


Akha ladies in the church

The Akha ladies are the backbone of the church. They have experienced so much freedom from their turning to Jesus. In the past, the women were the property of their husbands and they usually had to eat what was left over from the men who always ate first. They are so grateful to Jesus and they attend church services faithfully and there are always more women in church than men. 

The Akha christian ladies contribute to the finances of ACT in that they always put aside 1 cup of rice for financing the church, when they cook rice. A very simple way of giving but it is helping the church tremendously. They also make shoulderbags to sell and use the money for church ministry. 

Leadership training

At the ACT-Training-Centre not only ladies conferences are held. Asholi, the missionary from India is giving chronological teaching to the Akha christian leaders and pastors to equip them for their ministry once a month. He is very encouraged, that the ACT leaders are now also interested in the Sunday School work

Banana village with the church in the background This is the new house for training and teaching

In Banana village (picture above) a second Discipleship training centre was built. The missionaries Puii and Asholi, are often  spending their weekends in this village and are training the young people. Puii is teaching  Sunday School in the Thai language, as the children who go to School have to use the Thai language there.  

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